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Nurse Care of North Carolina

Elder Care Today Q & A

Elder Care Wake Forest NC-Are you stuck at an impasse and need help making important elder care decisions? Join our panel of experts on January 22, 2019 from 6:00-7:30pm at Wake Electric in Wake Forest.

What is Salmonella and How Do I Watch Out for It?

Elder Care Chapel Hill NC-Salmonella is a bacterial disease that can be present because of a variety of factors, including unsafe kitchen practices. Knowing the symptoms of salmonella poisoning and how to avoid it could allow you to prevent your aging relative from getting the illness.

What is Bone Cancer?

Home Health Care Greensboro NC-When an older adult is diagnosed with bone cancer, the diagnosis can be overwhelming for the senior and for their family members. Learning more about this rare form of cancer is a good way to move forward toward treatment and recovery.

Nurse Care NC is a premium health care services company, providing in-home care and medical staffing needs to the Central and Eastern North Carolina communities.