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Nurse Care of North Carolina
Broader In-Home Care Services

We provide better and broader care services

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We believe in team-based care. Each client is assigned to a specific care coordinator and nurse supervisor, both of whom will come to the house for face-to-face meetings.

We use a personal touch. We understand the decision for in-home care is an important one. You will always reach a live person when calling Nurse Care NC.

We provide the broadest scope of care of any company in North Carolina. From basic companionship to skilled nursing, we can help. And when care needs change, Nurse Care NC has the answer.

In-Home Caregivers

Our caregivers love us and we treasure them

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To be a Nurse Care NC caregiver means to bring joy, patience and compassion to work every day. Our trusted community of caregivers is the best in North Carolina.

Loyalty matters. We retain great caregivers. Nurse Care NC demonstrates well-deserved gratitude for our caregivers, which leads to better customer service. Nurse Care NC staff tenure is 2x above the industry average.

We are servant leaders that follow our own advice. Our CEO and other managers are certified nursing assistants and nurses. Everyone at Nurse Care NC works to find the best balance of joy, safety and independence for our clients and their families.

Nurse Care of North Carolina Innovation


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We care about making tomorrow better than yesterday for our clients. That means we work hard to improve every day.

Innovation is about more than just technology. It is a mindset that embraces creativity, seeks inspiration from both obvious and unique sources, and enables us to take a client-centered approach.

Our caregivers receive performance-based bonuses, ongoing training and premium health care insurance, which sets us apart from other in-home care companies. We have the best retention of caregivers in North Carolina.

Data-driven research can help to dramatically improve one’s health and well-being. Nurse Care NC participates in various clinical trials that help set benchmarks and standards for the in-home care industry.

Nurse Care NC uses GPS-enabled mobile ‘time management’ systems and activity tracking so that we know where our caregivers are at all times.

History: 2000-Present


Our Mission: the Nurse Care NC Difference

Our mission is to attract, train, retain and treasure the best caregivers in North Carolina.

Nurse Care NC makes life easier for you.

Our Core Values

Safety First

We ensure the safety of our clients, communities, partners and employees. We proactively identify and address any safety issues, and we provide ongoing, nurse-led training for all our caregivers. We bring you peace of mind that your loved ones are receiving the best care possible.

Work Hard Together

We value active collaboration and use a team-based approach to comprehensive home health care. We know it takes a village. Nurse Care NC is your village.

Learn Constantly

Whether it’s participating in the latest clinical trials to improve health and well-being or making sure all caregivers have the most updated certifications and training, Nurse Care NC is committed to continuous learning and discovery of new, creative ways to achieve our vision.

Enjoy Life

Nurse Care NC contributes positively to the home health care community by improving the daily health and well-being of our clients and their families through loyal, friendly and professional service. That is something to celebrate!

Be Grateful

We are all on this journey together. It is not always easy, but we are consistently in awe of our caregivers' dedication. For some in the industry, home health care is a job. For Nurse Care NC caregivers, it's a calling.

Deliver Awesome

We strive to perfect our craft every day by using the highest standards of excellence in providing the best home health care to your family.

Part of Your Family Since 2000

People matter. Every person at Nurse Care NC contributes to our success. We love our crew so much, and we can’t wait for you to meet them!

Nurse Care Management Team

Ari Medoff

Ari Medoff

CEO & Owner

Barbara Patterson

Barbara Patterson

GM – Durham/Orange Counties

Emily Abbott

Emily Abbott

Asst. GM of IL Partnerships

Nurse Care Crew

Heather Stewart

Director of Nursing

Samantha Honig

Nurse Supervisor Guilford County

Katie Murphy

Nurse Supervisor Wake County

Askinah Houston

Askinah Houston

Nurse Supervisor - Independent Living Partnerships

Deborah Baker

Deborah Baker-Sample

Nurse Supervisor - Independent Living Partnerships

Nancy Wilkinson,

Nancy Wilkinson

Nurse Supervisor – Guilford County

Amanda Huntley

Amanda Huntley

Director of Care Coordination

April Tate

Care Coordinator

Kendall Ragland

Care Coordinator

Cynthia Glotzbach

Director of Talent

Libby Greenough

Libby Greenough

Finance Specialist

Mandy Summerson

Life Care Manager

Deanna Ayers

Life Care Manager

Caryn Utberg

Life Care Manager

Nurse Care NC is a premium health care services company, providing in-home care and medical staffing needs to the Central and Eastern North Carolina communities.