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Nurse Care of North Carolina will be providing care to clients who are symptomatic or have tested positive for COVID-19. Learn More

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Update

As the leading provider of integrated care management and caregiving services, Nurse Care of North Carolina is taking proactive measures to reduce the risk from and spread of COVID-19. Despite the circumstances that many of whom we serve are at high-risk for this illness, we embrace our responsibility to do all that we can to protect them and our teammates.

Over the last few weeks we have implemented the following steps:

  1. We are monitoring the health and well-being of our clients and caregivers. In addition to one-on-one care in the home, our team is calling and checking in with every client and caregiver at least three times per week. This enables us to monitor and respond to any changes in condition and ease the concerns of social isolation.
  2. We are reassuring family members with constant communication. Many families live apart from their loved ones, and this can create a sense of stress and uncertainty. Our team is proactively reaching out to families and responsible parties at least once a week to discuss the status of their loved one and their current living environment.
  3. We are proactively managing the safety of our caregivers. All caregivers have received continuous direct communications from our office team about the importance of proper handwashing and the necessity of staying home from work when they or a member of their household is sick. This is being done with daily text message notifications, voice broadcasts, videos, and emails
  4. We are following recommendations from health authorities. Our leadership team is closely monitoring the latest developments regarding COVID-19 in order to ensure that each office is following all appropriate recommendations from health authorities. The offices have pulled together local health authority contacts and locations if a potential exposure arises. We have a map of testing sites for each of our locations.
  5. We are enabling flexible work environments for office staff. Our cloud technology systems have given all members of our office team the ability to work from home and support our clients and caregivers. We will continue with this setup until it is safe to return to our physical offices.
  6. We are working with outside vendors to purchase supplies. Our teams are delivering large supplies of bars of soap, soap containers, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, thermometers, masks, and gloves to caregivers. The purchase and distribution of needed supplies will continue in the weeks and months ahead. Masks and gloves are scarce nationwide, so we are working hard to build appropriate reserves of these items.

We appreciate your trust and understanding as we work through these difficult times.

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