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What Options Do You Have When You Need a Break From Caregiving?

Senior Care Greensboro NC - What Options Do You Have When You Need a Break From Caregiving?
Senior Care Greensboro NC – What Options Do You Have When You Need a Break From Caregiving?


You can’t remember the last time you had a moment to yourself. If you’re not doing something for your mom, you’re helping your kids with homework. You’re starting to feel stressed. Before you reach a breaking point, stop and look at the things you can do to make sure you have time to yourself.

Get Organized

How much of your time spent caregiving could be eased with more organization? If you forgot to get prescription medications when you did the grocery shopping, you’ve just created a second trip for yourself.

Look into organizational apps you can install for free on your phone or computer. With a daily planner created and reminders being sent to your phone at set hours, you’re less likely to forget to do something.

Take Advantage of Evenings

When your parent has retired for the evening, avoid the urge to tidy up. Spend an hour or two in a warm bath, read a book, or start up a hobby you’ve been pushing aside. If you like to knit, the evening is a good time for quiet music while you start knitting.

The chores that are calling to you can wait another day. Make sure you’re prioritizing your own needs over routine chores like dusting or putting away dishes.

Ask Family Members to Help

If you’re doing everything on your own, it’s time to talk to your family. Everyone needs to look at their schedule and pick an hour or two where they can chip in. Ideally, you want family members who will step in and help out for a full day, but you may need to take what you can get at first.

The more siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and nieces/nephews you have helping, the lengthier your break becomes. Use online calendars to make it easy for everyone to track when they’re needed and what they’ll be doing.

Schedule Respite Care From a Senior Care Agency

Respite care is a form of care that’s equally about your needs. While the senior care provider that comes to your family home is there to help your mom or dad, it helps you by giving you a break. The caregiver is there for as long as you need a break.

Take advantage of respite care from a senior care provider to go out with friends, attend a child’s school function, or talk a long walk to clear your mind. When you return, you’ll be ready to get back to your routine. Call our senior care agency to discuss respite care.

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