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Tips for Picking the Best Shoes for a Parent With Foot Pain

Home Care Services High Point NC - Tips for Picking the Best Shoes for a Parent With Foot Pain
Home Care Services High Point NC – Tips for Picking the Best Shoes for a Parent With Foot Pain


Foot pain isn’t unusual in seniors. It can impact mobility, however. If your parent is dealing with chronic foot pain, you need to take steps to help prevent the loss of mobility. The loss of mobility may impact independence and social opportunities. One of the best ways to help with foot pain is by picking the right shoes for your parent’s foot problems.

Understand What Causes the Foot Pain

Different health conditions can cause foot pain. For example, gout is a form of inflammation that’s caused by uric acid crystals. The pain is often worse in the big toe. Putting any pressure on the big toe is excruciating. During a gout flare-up, your parent will not want a shoe that’s pressing on a toe. Memory foam sandals may be best.

Loss of fat occurs when collagen production decreases with age. Having less fat on the bottom of the foot is common. This can put more pressure on the bottom of the foot, which leads to pain. To counteract the pain caused by a loss of body fat, shoes with thick layers of memory foam will help.

Bunions are another foot problem seniors face. It occurs when bone grows or falls out of alignment on one of the toes. Bunions are most common on the big toe and the growth or alignment shift will push the big toe into the other toes. Shoes with gel soles can help ease the pain. A splint that keeps the big toe away from the other toes may also help.

Heel spurs are the other common source of foot pain. Calcium builds up on the bottom of the heel and leads to pain when walking. Gel pads in the heel of a shoe help absorb the shock of each step.

Stick to Round Toes

Do not shop for shoes that have a narrow or pointed toe. It will crowd the toes and cause more foot pain. Sneakers usually have rounded toes and are, therefore, best for easing foot pain.

Get a Professional Sizing Done

It’s normal to have feet that are not the same size. Go to a shoe store that does professional sizings. Find out what size and width your parent’s feet are.

If your mom’s right foot is an 8.5 wide and her left foot is an 8 wide, she’s going to have a shoe that’s too tight and increases foot pain or one that’s too loose and causes blisters. You may find that shopping online in stores that allow you to mix and match sizes is important.

If mobility is affected by chronic foot pain, don’t let their ability to go out and socialize get impacted. Home care services providers can drive your parents to area homes and businesses. Your parent can stay active at the local senior center or church. Call our home care services agency to talk about caregivers and transportation services.

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