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Should You Have Homecare Handle Bathing for Your Senior?

Homecare Hillsborough NC - Should You Have Homecare Handle Bathing for Your Senior?
Homecare Hillsborough NC – Should You Have Homecare Handle Bathing for Your Senior?


Whether it is due to mobility issues, cognitive functioning decline, balance problems, or other dififculties, if your parent is having trouble bathing, helping them fulfilling this personal care task needs to be an important part of your care routine. Regular, effective bathing is critical for maintaining skin health, preventing illness and infection, and preserving self esteem and mental health.

Many elderly adults, however, struggle with the idea of allowing their adult child to help them with such a sensitive task. Particularly if you come from a family that has always maintained a strict modesty between the generations, allowing an adult child to help a parent bathe can be stressful. This is where homecare can be invaluable.

A homecare services provider can offer respectful and dignified assistance to help your parent bathe effectively and thoroughly, while reducing the stress and anxiety of you being a part of this care task. This can also be extremely beneficial in other situations that may prevent you from being able to help your parent on a regular basis.

Some reasons you should have homecare handle bathing for your senior include:

  • You or your parent is uncomfortable with you being directly involved with helping your parent bathe.
  • You do not have the physical strength, flexibility, range of motion, or other requirements needed to physically assist your aging parent in the bath or shower. If you’re aging adult needs mobility support and physical assistance, and you do not have the physical capability of handling it, this can lead to accidents and injuries for both of you.
  • You do not feel capable of handling the task of bathing your senior thoroughly, and want to make sure this task is handled effectively.
  • You live at a distance from your aging parent and are not able to be with them on a regular basis to help with bathing. Having a homecare provider available ensures your senior can stay clean and healthy more frequently.

Helping your parent handle their sensitive personal care needs is just one way homecare can help them. The services of an in-home senior care services provider are completely customizable. This means your parent will have access to exactly what they need, when they need it. This customizable nature also means as your parent’s needs increase, the care available to them increases as well.

Some of the services available to your parent include transportation, assistance with grocery shopping, help with tasks around the home, help with personal care needs, companionship, medication reminders, and more. As their caregiver, this can give you peace of mind knowing your loved one will be able to fulfill their needs and live the lifestyle they desire and deserve throughout their later years.

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