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What Benefits Can Your Senior Expect from Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

Elderly Care Wake Forest NC - What Benefits Can Your Senior Expect from Pulmonary Rehabilitation?
Elderly Care Wake Forest NC – What Benefits Can Your Senior Expect from Pulmonary Rehabilitation?


Pulmonary rehabilitation is a type of therapy that helps people with lung issues, such as COPD. It combines educational techniques with exercise to help strengthen your senior’s lungs and her entire body. Pulmonary rehab therapy can be highly tailored to your senior’s situation.

Greater Exercise Tolerance

Pulmonary rehabilitation eases your elderly loved one into an exercise routine. As she continues, she’s able to tolerate more and more exercise until she reaches her personal limit. This type of therapy combines an exercise program with a therapist who can help your senior to deal with her individual needs. The exercises that your senior might be doing could include something as simple as walking on a treadmill for a few minutes at a time.

Decrease in Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is one of the mitigating factors that likely inspired your senior’s doctor to prescribe pulmonary rehabilitation for her. By increasing her tolerance for exercise and teaching your elderly family member different ways to cope with shortness of breath, your senior may find that she experiences fewer episodes of shortness of breath.

Decreased Anxiety

Shortness of breath and an inability to get around easily can cause serious anxiety for your elderly family member. Having tools such as breathing exercises is empowering for your senior. If she’s successfully navigated a few episodes of shortness of breath, that’s empowering, too. This can all work together to decrease her anxiety around breathing and breathlessness.

Lower Risk of Hospitalization

Many people with COPD and other lung issues can find themselves hospitalized often. Pneumonia can quickly turn into a much worse infection that can leave your senior hospitalized. Stronger lungs and tools that improve her ability to breathe can help your senior to decrease the amount of time she spends in the hospital or avoid a stay altogether.

Greater Overall Quality of Life

All of these factors contribute to improving the overall quality of your elderly family member’s life. When she’s no longer anxious about her breathing, has stronger lungs, and is exercising regularly, your senior is bound to be having a better overall experience with her life.

Pulmonary rehab is something that you can attend with your elderly loved one. If you’re not able to go with her, then hiring elderly care providers to help her get there safely may be a good idea. The key is to consistently keep up with those appointments so that your elderly family member gets the biggest benefit from the therapy.

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