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What Should You Journal about as a Caregiver?

Caregiver Hillsborough NC - What Should You Journal about as a Caregiver?
Caregiver Hillsborough NC – What Should You Journal about as a Caregiver?


Keeping a journal is a wonderful way for you to channel and to sort through your emotions as a caregiver, but if you don’t know what to put in your journal you’re going to feel stuck. Journaling shouldn’t be something that you dread, so try one or more of these ideas.

Accomplishments and Wins

If you’re like the average caregiver, you are harder on yourself than you should be. Keeping a list of your accomplishments and wins allows you to look back over the list later and realize that you do so much more than you think you do. Start a running list and keep adding to it every single day. Soon you’ll be amazed at how long your list is.

Whatever You’re Grateful for Right Now

Gratitude is powerful, which is why so many people recommend that focusing on what you’re grateful for can absolutely change your life. Start out small and make sure that you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself. An exercise in focusing on gratitude should never feel like a chore.

What You Love about Life

For some people, focusing on gratitude feels too big. If that’s the case for you, you might want to try journaling about what you love about your life right now. You might start out with shorter entries about really generic topics, but that’s okay. As you continue this exercise, though, you’ll be able to really hone in on what is wonderful about your life.

Detail Your Day

As a caregiver, your days start to blend together. You’re incredibly busy and so much happens with your elderly family member. It can help to take some time every day and jot down what happened during the day and anything that might be important later. This can serve as a helpful log for you later.

Habits You Want to Change

Just because you’re a caregiver, that doesn’t mean that your own self-improvement falls by the wayside. There are still habits, probably even some which relate directly to caregiving, that you want to change. Keeping track of those habits and your progress in changing them helps you to keep your eye on what you’re actively doing.

Everyone’s journal is different, of course. Your journal might even change over time and as your needs change. You might even decide to change the entries you put into your journal every single day. It’s whatever helps you the most that is the important aspect of keeping a journal.

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