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Why Aren’t Family Members Helping You More?

Senior Care Cary NC - Why Aren't Family Members Helping You More?
Senior Care Cary NC – Why Aren’t Family Members Helping You More?


As a caregiver, you likely are chomping at the bit to field offers of help from other family members. Many caregivers are shocked to find that they don’t get those offers, even when they ask specifically for help.

They Think You’ve Got it All Under Control

Believe it or not, you might be making caregiving look way easier than it really is. So many family caregivers are used to handling every situation that crops up and fielding problems left, right, and center. That can be intimidating to other family members at times and they may start to honestly believe that you don’t need any help at all. That’s not correct, of course, but that can be their perception.

They’re Afraid of Messing Up

Being a caregiver is a huge responsibility. Filling in for a caregiver or even handling one small portion of a caregiving task can feel just as massive to your family member. The fear of messing up in even a small way can be enough to keep many family members far away from caregiving duties. It’s not that they don’t want to help you or your elderly family member. It’s that they are terrified of doing something that would harm your senior or her situation.

They Don’t Know What to Do

It’s possible that even if you’ve shared detailed information with your other family members about the help you need that they still have no clue how they can help you. They may feel as if they don’t have the skill set required or they honestly don’t realize what they could do for you. You can continue to try to educate them, but they may not ever get what you’re talking about until they experience it themselves.

They’re too Busy with Their Own Lives

Sometimes your family members want to help you and your senior, but they are experiencing situations in their own lives that are far too demanding. You may not even realize what those situations are, so it’s difficult to understand what hasn’t been shared with you. Try to remember to respond with compassion always, because you don’t know exactly what other people are dealing with in private.

If you need more help, there might be some other options you should consider. Senior care providers can be there on your schedule and help you with a variety of tasks. This helps to free up your mental energy from trying to convince family members to pitch in more.

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