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Detecting the Signs of Dementia in Loved Ones

And Dealing With the Stresses of Caregiving  Dementia in older loved ones is complicated and frightening. But there is some early educating you can do to prepare yourself and understand what may be happening before it gets worse. Dementia is highly variable, and for some, it doesn’t rapidly worsen. It also does not always mean

Why Seniors Go Into Assisted Living

How Home Care Agencies Can Help Them Stay at Home Longer What are the most common reasons seniors initially move into assisted living centers? How can home care agencies and their teams of caregiving professionals help keep aging loved ones in their homes? According to a caring.com review, the four “big-picture” areas that most often

It’s time to pay home health care workers more for what they do

They care for our parents. They care for our children. They care for us. They are home health care workers, and one thing is certain: They should earn better compensation for the critical service they provide. There are many reasons home health caregivers in North Carolina average about $9.00 an hour, despite having a job

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